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The iMessage for paving & utility contractors
Chat like you’ve always done. Communicate like never before. Free up to 3 users.
120,000+ construction projects in Europe...
We've revolutionized 120,000+ construction projects in Europe...
Earthworks for
a Logistics
Road maintenance for a municipality
Contract for gas connections
Drinking water pipeline renewal
Undergrounding of power cables
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"This app is amazing!"
"It's tailored for us. It's so simple but much more organized than texting: we've built reports for our clients, and the geotagging of photos is huge! I've had amazing feedback from my team."
Dan d'Ambrosio, VP @Cassidy Paving (Massachusetts, utility & paving company)
... And we're now piloting in the US!
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Real-time communication
Centralise ALL photos, vocal notes & documents. 1 conversation = 1 construction project.
Time-stamped and geotagged photos
Explore photos and tasks on your jobsite’s map. Export them easily.
Custom reports & alerts
Generate reports to document change orders, or for internal traceability.
Build digital Forms (no-code)
Easily create your forms in Kraaft: mixed tickets, change orders, daily reports.
2 min demo 🕦
300+ customers trust us. We're now piloting in the US.
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Connect with your favorite apps.
Connect Kraaft to your existing tools: SharePoint, Google Drive, Word, QuickBooks, B2W, HCSS...
😊 The best support team!
We are 19 people always on the field, and always with a smile!
Immediate ROI
More work
Saved time &
increased quality
Competitive advantage during biddings
Attract and retain talents
Field team's favorite app
At last: a SIMPLE tool, built for the field!
Reconcile field and office. 😌
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